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“We feel so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful community. The teachers and directors care deeply about providing an environment that is safe, stimulating, and nourishing to all of the children. We have always experienced open and ample communication with the teachers and administrators, and have benefitted greatly from their wisdom and experience.”

“My son’s teachers are just incredible. They are patient, kind, creative, energetic, and have structured such a supportive learning environment in the classroom. He is eager to go to school every day and really enjoys his time there. We are thrilled to be part of the botanic gardens community. The staff and teachers are just fabulous! We love how communicative our son’s teachers are. They do a great job of keeping us up to date on his progress in general, but also touch base day-to-day about how things are going”

“BGCC provides an incredibly warm and supportive environment for our children to grow and explore. The teachers are extremely creative in providing a wide variety of activities for the children every day. I also appreciate their emphasis on fostering a sense of community among the children and helping the children learn to solve problems.”

“From the moment we entered BGCC we felt warmly welcome and this feeling has remained throughout time. The whole center irradiates a calm and friendly atmosphere. The Director does an excellent job as director and she has been always open to accommodate special needs. The teachers are very caring and one can tell they love “their” children. We like the learning-by-playing approach they follow. The spacious classrooms are well distributed to offer many different play opportunities. The recently renovated playgrounds are gorgeous! Finally the various opportunities to connect with other parents and teachers (e.g. potlucks, parent workshops) round up a very pleasant experience. We are endlessly grateful for being part of this community!”

“Botanic Gardens teachers do not operate as the sage on the stage, but the guide on the side. They carefully craft experiences for my child to learn through exploration and love through appreciation. More than anything, I appreciate the way teachers carefully observe her feelings, actions and interactions. They communicate with such specificity in a way that lets me know they really know my child. They share specific examples to help me understand her character and sense of justice- at 4 years old! It’s remarkable.”

“BGCC is an excellent child care center. My son loves getting there in the morning to start an exciting day of play, and loves and respects the teachers. The teachers and staff are outstanding, and have always gone above and beyond in caring for the children (e.g. making a special “picture book” to ease transitions between classrooms, going outside to play whenever the weather permits). Additionally, the director is exceptional and has always been forthcoming in addressing any requests and concerns we had throughout the years. Last, the facility is built in an ideal way for small children, with peer-through low windows and lots of natural light. We absolutely love BGCC!”

“We have 3 children and our youngest is the first to attend BGCC, so we have experienced many different childcare centers across the years. What sets this center apart is that there is always a sense that the needs of everyone who steps in the doors is important, matters, and is taken into consideration at every level. From the design of classrooms, to teachers’ schedules, to the policies enacted, the structure of the day, and the community building programs for families. The needs of children, staff, faculty and families are a key driver at every level. It has made our time here exceptional, and we feel confident in the safety and happiness of our child, which is what matters most to us!”

“Placing our child for the first time in child care was quite scary for us as parents. After just one day at BGCC we were no longer worried, and after two weeks we were absolutely thrilled. The BGCC teachers and staff have become a second family for our son, providing a warm and loving environment. The activities are very diverse, stimulating and enriching, and have contributed a great deal to our son’s development. No wonder he loves going to school!”

“The rich learning environment at BGCC helps our children discover their world at their own pace. The BGCC community fosters close relationships and respect between teachers, children, and their families. We all grow together in this experience.”

“BGCC is the best! It is a wonderful community of great, caring teachers, superb management, and a happy, peaceful atmosphere. My son loves his school and we do too!”

“After a few school days, our 4-year-old son says that his teachers and friends are very kind to him and he loves them, even though he has no background in the English language.”

“We have been at BGCC for many years and the teachers, staff members & families are incredible. It’s a very welcoming, stimulating and fun place and my kids truly know that this is their second home. I learned with them throughout the years and we love the rich parent-teacher communication and the emphasis on the balance between play, learning and simply cuddling.”

“One of the best things about BGCC is the community. As a new family to the Cambridge area, we have made many new friends through the center, whether they are other kids, their parents, teachers, or staff. It is an extremely friendly and warm atmosphere.”

“The BGCC teachers and staff ensure that my child is happy, safe, and engaged, playing and learning throughout the day. Their experience, enthusiasm, and delight in their work is apparent form the time my child arrives to the moment he leaves. I especially like the diverse programming, which draws on teacher specialties, and results in yoga, soccer, music, and cooking classes, among others.”

“I find BGCC an amazing professional and family like organization. The team and teachers embraced us in with a warm hug, and that includes mindfully listening and acting upon any concern we had. Our daughter (3.5) didn’t speak English and everything was new to her. The teachers quickly found their way to her heart, gained her trust, diligently and consistently, while we watched her flourish and become a happy, active, talkative, friendly part of her class. We love the way the teachers contact us every day on drop-ins or pick-ups, inform us of both little and big things, so we can actually feel how her day was. Finally, while our daughter clearly found richness in all the teachings and was exposed to different materials and developmental activities, we ourselves learned and used helpful advice from the team and teachers, and from very relevant workshops the center initiates.”

“The BGCC has fantastic resources; the management is highly professional, knowledgeable, welcoming, thoughtful, and foresighted; and the teachers are exemplary in providing a very loving, caring and stimulating environment for all the children. While Katarina is away from the Center she recites frequently the names of all five of her teachers, and if she could go there seven days a week she would!”