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T1 Bakes!

Baking projects are great for young kids for so many reasons and on so many developmental levels. The act of baking with a group teaches and encourages turn-taking, patient waiting, and teamwork. Fine motor skills are tested when kids help measure out ingredients, dump them in the bowl, and stir them all together. Cognitively, baking […]

Toddler Yoga: Cute AND Fun!

Our lovely P1 teacher Teresa has become our in-house weekly yoga teacher this year, and toddler 1 LOVES yoga time on Thursday mornings! At this age, “yoga” is really just a way to focus on spacial awareness and to learn about and strengthen little bodies, as well as work on cooperating during group activities. This […]

Dramatic Play in T1: Hold on to your hats!

Lately T1 friends have been developing interest around dramatic play, which has great cognitive and social-emotional connotations at their ages! It’s common for young toddlers to explore materials and spaces in unintentional ways as they’re figuring out the world, but dramatic play is a way to see a little more organization and purpose in their […]

Playground Fun!

The first month of school has been all about exploring our new spaces, but within the confines of a stable, comforting routine. So, while we free play, eat snack, go on a buggy ride, play in a playground, then come in for lunch every day, we’ve been trying out different buggy ride destinations, and different […]

Problem Solving and Teamwork

A couple weeks ago, us teachers were lucky enough to attend an in-house workshop about conflict resolution lead by the wonderful Betsy Evans. She taught us about how to approach, articulate, and involve children in problem solving in the classroom, and us T1 teachers came away inspired and motivated to bring this practice into our […]


March 8th was International Women’s Day, and Cat put together a compilation of pictures of our toddlers and families to follow the saying/advice/declaration: Strong Women: Know Them, Be Them, Raise Them. We work with the kids every minute of every day to create a more equal and respectful world for us all in their future, […]