Show & Tell

Hello T2 Families,

 The T2 children have loved sharing their “Show & Tell” items from home during our Morning Circle time these past few weeks! Show & Tell not only offers the children an opportunity to bring in a special or treasured item from home (and help with the Monday morning transition from the weekend to the school week!) but provides a more structured space for social-emotional and language growth and development. During Show & Tell, the children learn to use descriptive language, and practice listening skills and turn taking with help and modeling from teachers.

 The children wait one by one for their item to be selected from the basket, and when it’s their turn they have the choice to share about their item at their circle mat or sit in a chair in the front of the circle. Teachers help guide the flow of the discussion by asking predictable questions each week such as, “What makes this special?”, “Where did you get it?”, and “What does it do?” in the hopes that the children may eventually ask these questions (and others) themselves. As the “audience” the children also practice sign language by signaling silent excitement – waving two open hands, as well as showing that they have the same or similar item at home by giving a hang ten-like gesture.

 Here are some quotes from our previous week’s Show & Tell, followed by some pictures of the children in action.

 Lila: “Baby. Baby Beluga book”

Luna: “I bring it in the classroom to show friends. His name is baby.”

Sara: “I call Mama on the phone” (show us her phone, and passes it around to friends).

Nell: “I got this from my home. It’s a clementine. It’s orange. It’s round like a ball.”

Casi: (shows us his bracelet) “From my home. And my favorite is Paw Patrol. The bracelet rolls!”

Iris: “It makes medicine. It’s for my animals at home. Inside are some batteries.”

Luukas: “The bag is from my grandparents. Inside is Thomas.”

Anaya: “It’s Baby Yiya, Mickey Mouse and a blanket. They all sleep with me. Mickey Mouse has red on the bottom & feet. Baby has pink toys.”

Rae: “I get it from my grandparents. There’s a tattoo on her. She’s wild. Only I have this horse. She’s a unicorn.

As we develop our Show & Tell skills, later in the school year we may ask that the children bring a themed item such as “something blue” or “a favorite book” for instance. This gives the added excitement of searching for something new and different and seeing what others brought in. For now, the children simply love having the opportunity to share something special with friends.



T2 Team

 P.S. If you and your child forget to bring in a Show & Tell, please don’t fret! Children can also share a favorite book, toy or manipulative from the classroom to share 🙂