Oh baby!

Happy January,

The other day in circle, Meghan let the children know that she was having a baby and that it was a little girl. Some of the children have been super curious about her growing belly –  they might have talked to their parents or over heard that she was expecting. The children were very eager to come over to circle to hear the exciting news, and were super excited about knowing what was happening to their teacher! Meghan let them know that as her belly grows bigger so is her baby! Meghan showed them a picture of one of her ultrasound pictures which they thought was funny and that it looked more like a fish; “It needs more time to grow to look like a baby,” Meghan told them. Meghan also explained that the baby lives in her stomach and moves around in there and maybe at some point they could feel her moving. She also told them how babies can hear a little and that she listens to their voices so she will be familiar with them when she comes out.  Meghan told them that it can feel like a long time before the baby comes out and that it will be closer to the summer time. Meghan explained to them that when the baby does come out she will send lots of pictures and a little video so they can see what she is like. Meghan also told them that she will come back to visit after the baby and bring her in to see everyone, which they thought was super exciting. We then opened up circle for them to ask some questions about what they thought or were feeling. Here are some of their questions/stories about the baby from our Morning Circle:

Anaya: I was once a baby in my mommy’s belly and so was Ray, then one day Ray just came out. I also moved a lot in my mommy’s belly.

Rae: I have a baby in my tummy, her name is Caroline and she moves around a lot. I was once a baby. When the baby comes to visit can we touch it and hold it?

Meghan: Yes it might be very little at first to hold but we can definitely see her and get to meet her

Nell: My sister was in my mommy’s belly and then she used her hands to show us all how big her mommy’s belly once was. Then Nell asked will your baby come out and will it get big?

Meghan: Yes, she will be joining us closer to the summer time and yes she will get big just like you all did. Everyone was once a baby and then they grow up and get so big.

Iris: How does it feel to have a baby in your belly?

Meghan: It feels good and very exciting. I like feeling it move around and I can’t wait to meet her.

Luna: I want the baby to come to my house and have pasta!!

Casi: I was once a baby in mommy’s tummy, it’s so silly there is a baby in your tummy. I thought it was a boy?

Sara and Lila: Although they were a little shy to ask any questions they both just smiled and seemed very excited.

The children have been very excited about Meghan’s news and it shows in their dramatic play in which they play family or doctor and take care of both healthy and sick babies!


Additionally, the children have also been super excited about the snow that has fallen and being out and about in it. They loved using the sled and making snow balls! The children also loved celebrating each of the December/January birthdays, too, and singing/making special signs and cards!