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T1 Bakes!

Baking projects are great for young kids for so many reasons and on so many developmental levels. The act of baking with a group teaches and encourages turn-taking, patient waiting, and teamwork. Fine motor skills are tested when kids help measure out ingredients, dump them in the bowl, and stir them all together. Cognitively, baking […]

Toddler Yoga: Cute AND Fun!

Our lovely P1 teacher Teresa has become our in-house weekly yoga teacher this year, and toddler 1 LOVES yoga time on Thursday mornings! At this age, “yoga” is really just a way to focus on spacial awareness and to learn about and strengthen little bodies, as well as work on cooperating during group activities. This […]

Dramatic Play in T1: Hold on to your hats!

Lately T1 friends have been developing interest around dramatic play, which has great cognitive and social-emotional connotations at their ages! It’s common for young toddlers to explore materials and spaces in unintentional ways as they’re figuring out the world, but dramatic play is a way to see a little more organization and purpose in their […]

Playground Fun!

The first month of school has been all about exploring our new spaces, but within the confines of a stable, comforting routine. So, while we free play, eat snack, go on a buggy ride, play in a playground, then come in for lunch every day, we’ve been trying out different buggy ride destinations, and different […]