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Hi, families! As you’ve seen, we’ve taken special care to include art opportunities in our classroom throughout the year. This time of year is special when it comes to art, for two reasons. One is that we have a silent auction going on at school. Each classroom was asked to contribute three pieces, and families/teachers […]

Butterfly release (times two)!

After a week or two, almost all of our butterflies were ready to fly away. We released four butterflies, then one more late-bloomer a couple days afterward. After days of talking about chrysalides and metamorphosis, we were so glad to let our butterflies go.¬†Claire read “The Hungry Caterpillar.” As the character became a butterfly, children […]

Compassion and Curiosity

Our Toddler One friends are well familiar with the “Little Playground,” on Fernald Street. We often meet neighbors and sometimes other members of our school there!   Last Monday, we met someone new: a spider! The children seemed excited about it, and the teachers recognized a learning opportunity. Keeping as calm as we could (through […]

Wind in the Spring

Hi, families! This week, we’ve been getting ready for warm weather! Some of our friends tried bubble-blowing all by themselves. Some friends are naturals, though most friends have a lot of learning and exploring still to do. In small groups of about four children per¬†teacher, it’s easier to provide an environment where the children are […]

Beautiful Spaces

Malaguzzi, who many see as the founder of the Reggio Emilia approach, defined the environment as the third teacher ( We value clean, open-ended spaces in our classroom. This ensures an environment that doesn’t overstimulate, and allows the children to focus on their play.   Another value that we hold is teaching children to keep […]

Problem Solving and Teamwork

A couple weeks ago, us teachers were lucky enough to attend an in-house workshop about conflict resolution lead by the wonderful Betsy Evans. She taught us about how to approach, articulate, and involve children in problem solving in the classroom, and us T1 teachers came away inspired and motivated to bring this practice into our […]